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Project ARAMiS

The Programming Languages and Compiler Group participates in the joint BMBF project ARAMiS. The research project is carried out by the automotive , rail and aerospace industries in collaboration with academic partners.We research how multicore technology can be used to increase safety, efficiency and convenience in the participating domains.
Our contribution to the project consists in our expertise in static software analyses. We have devised an approach that optimizes multicore deployments by minimizing inter-core communication while adhering to user constraints. We have implemented this approach for partitioning prototypically. Furthermore, we have improved the static analyses in the Bauhaus system, which makes it possible to find a specific category of software synchronization errors (data-race analysis). In addition, we have examined how the key operating system of the automotive industry AUTOSAR is currently positioned in terms of communication mechanisms for multicore systems and how it could evolve in the future in order to deal efficiently with multicore systems and to allow for better software analyses.
In the context of ARAMiS we work on connecting analysis tools to allow the exchange of analysis results. This work is done in close collaboration with a research department of Daimler AG and tool manufacturers. To evaluate their performance, we tested out tools on actual industrial systems.
We are also working on increasing data-race analysis precision. For this we include the path predicates in our analyses. We aim to improve recognition of implicit state-based synchronization and, thus, be able to reduce the number of false positives.