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Asim Abdulkhaleq

Dr. rer.nat.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Address Universität Stuttgart
Institut für Softwaretechnologie
Universitätsstraße 38
D-70569 Stuttgart
Phone +49 711 685-88 458
Fax +49 711 685-88 380


Room 1.242
Office hours by appointment
Social Network LinkedIn Twitter Researchgate
Website www.xstampp.de

Scope of Work

  • Safety Engineering for Software-Intensive Systems based on STAMP/STPA
  • System-Theoretic Dependability Engineering for Autonomous Vehicles 
  • Functional Safety ISO 26262 in the Automotive Domain
  • Safety-based Software Testing and Formal Verification 
  • Automated Driving Systems 

Program Committee Member and Journal Reviewing



Conference & Workshop Papers

Journal and Magazine Papers

Invited talks

  • Abdulkhaleq, A. (2013): STPA in Automotive Domain Advanced Tutorial, STAMP Workshop Europe 2013, TU Braunschweig, Brauenschweig, Germany.
  • Abdulkhaleq, A. (2013): Applying STAMP/STPA approach to Software-Intensive Systems in the Automotive Domain, Vortrag beim Robert Bosch GmbH Workshop 2013, 23- March 2013, Stuttgart, Germany.

Organized Workshops

Developed Tools & Projekts

Grants & Awards


  • Ph.D Dissertation: Safety Engineering for Software-Intensive Systems, Supervised by Prof. Dr. rer. nat Stefan Wagner and Prof. Dr. Nancy Leveson, MIT, October 2012 - 06.02.2017.
  • Development of a conception for accessible human-machine-interaction of automation systems using patterns, Master thesis, Institute of Industrial Automation and Software Engineering, University of Stuttgart, Jan. 2012 [slides], Supervised by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h. c. P. Göhner.
  • Develop SMS Manager Query System by using computer networks through mobile, 
    B.SC Thesis, department of computer sciences, faculty of sciences, Sana'a University, 2005, Supervised by Dr. Ghalib al-Jaafari.



Winter term 2017/2018

Sommer term 2017

Winter term 2016/2017

Summer term 2016

Winter term 2015/2016

Summer term 2015

Winter term 2014/2015

Summer term 2014

Winter term 2013/2014

Summer term 2012/2013

  • Exercises: Datenstrukturen und Algorithmen
  • Studentproject A [Customer]: Developing an Automated Tool Supporting a Systems-Theoretic Process Analysis (A-STPA)

Winter term 2012/2013


Projects, Thesesn

  1. Bachelor-Thesis (Daimler AG): Application of the STPA methodology to an automotive system in compliance with ISO 26262 (Sara Nasri started 07.12.2017)
  2. Processanalyse: Review the application of STPA in compliance with ISO 26262 functional Safety (Tino Stadelmaier started in 01.10.2017)
  3. Master Thesis (ISW): Design und Implementation of an Architecture for Containerized Real-Time Control Applications (Jan Melcher started in 29.09.2017)
  4. External Bachelor-Thesis: Programming of a Risk Visualisation Tool for Technology-Driven Business Models (Bearbeiter: Tobias Korb)(Closed)
  5. Bachelor-Thesis: ACC Simulator: Developing a simulation for Adaptive-Cruise Control system with LEGO mindstorm robots  (Closed)
  6. Bachelor-Thesis: Extended STPA Tool: Developing an Eclipse plug-in for the extended Approach of STPA  (Closed)
  7. Bachelor-Thesis: Analysis and Further Development of the ibb TestDesigner, (Closed)
  8. Master-Thesis: Regression Test Suite Selection and Minimization Based on Feature Modeling (Alt closed).
  9. Bachelor-Thesis:Developing an STPA-Verifier as an Eclipse Plug-in for the Verification of Software Safety Requirements (Lukas Balzer closed)
  10. Master Thesis (IBM): Aspects of Event-Driven Cloud-Native Application Development (Tareq.A.A Al-Mamari-Abgeschlossen)
  11. Master Thesis (Daimler): Testabdeckungsmaße für den Integrationstest von E/E-Systemen im Fahrzeug. (Jassiel Walter-closed
  12. Bachlorarbeit: Entwicklung ein Eclipse-Plug-in für das STPA-TCGenerator-Werkzeug (Ting Lok-He-closed
  13. Prozessanalyse: Analyse des Stuttgarter Vorgehensmodell SVM ("Stuttgarter Vorgehensmodell". (Alexander Szilagyi, Benedikt Diesel und Manuel Müller closed
  14. Bachlorarbeit: STPA Sec: Entwicklung eines Eclipse-Plugins zur Sicherheitsanalyse mit STPA-Sec (Domas Mikalkinas started in 01.12.2016)
  15. Bachlorabeit: Konzeption und Realisierung einer Steuerungssystem-HMI für Mobilgeräte (Erik-Fleix Tinsel started in 01.12.2016)
  16. Fachstudie:ِ Analyse des Zugunfalls in Bad Aibling, Deutschland mit STAMP/CAST Ansatz (Roman Strecken, Hans Martin Berner und Melanie Schäfer started in 01.12.2016 )
  17. Master Thesis (Continental): Image-based estimation of the object kinematics for advanced driver assistance systems (Jose Marin started in 01.03.2017)
  18. Master Thesis (Robert Bosch): Entwicklung einer Softwarearchitektur für das LKW-Platoning anhand von ausgewählten Use-Cases (Rainer Erban finished)
  19. Bachelor Thesis (Daimler AG): Entwicklung und Umsetzung eines Testkonzepts für die Vernetzung von Steuergeräten im Antriebsstrang (Jakob Benz finished 18.10.2017)
  20. Student Work (Daimler): Conception and development of an automated coupling system suited for heavy vehicle trailers (Long Bui started am 11.11.2017 )
  21. Master Thesis (ISW) : Conception and realization of a dynamic service platform for the connection of internal and external components. Eduard Marbach started 10.07.2017.
  22. Master Thesis (ISW): Konzeption und Realisierung einer Cloud-Plattform zur Konfiguration und dem Deployment von Services (Vincent Link started 10.07.2017)
  23. Masterthesis (Robert Bosch): Development of a virtual Test Bench in a Co-Simulation Environment (Govind Balakrishnan started 03.11.2017)
  24. Masterthesis (ISW): Design and Implementation of an architecture for containerised real time control applications (Jan Melcher started 29.09.2017)
  25. Bachelor Thesis (adeso): Developing a driving software simulator for the autonomous vehicle in Anki Overdrive (Sascha Zeller)
  26. Master Thesis (Vector): Development of a resource-efficient memory management for a Car2X stack according to Wave Standard (Oliver Roehdanz started 03.11.2017)
  27. Prozessanalyse :Analysis the review process of technical specification (Closed )
  28. Bachelor-Thesis: A-CAST:Developing an Eclipse Plugin for automated Causal Accident Analysis with CAST (Closed )
  29. Bachelor-Thesis : Design and implementation of application for visualization of machine data (Matthias Strljic)(Closed)
  30. Diplom-Thesis: Inconsistent clones and errors in software (Kamer Kaya)(Closed)
  31. Diplomarbeit Modelling of road networks based on discrete waypoints (Bearbeiter: Felix Krause)(Closed)

Tasks and Activities