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Current Projects

  • System-Theoretic Analysis of Dependable Systems in the Automotive Domain (MISTI Global Seed Fund, Collaboration with Prof. Nancy Leveson)
  • Privacy in Stream Processing (Patron) (funded by Baden-Württemberg Stiftung)
  • Hazard Analysis of Highly Automated Vehicle Functions (Continental Teves AG & Co. oHG)

Finished Projects

  • Application of STPA to the Daimler Environment (Daimler AG)
  • Experimentelle Verbesserung des Lernens von Software Engineering, EVELIN (Subcontractor of HS Neu-ULM, funded by the BMBF)
  • Software-Qualität: Flexible Modellierung und integriertes Controlling, QuaMoCo (TU München with Capgemini sd&m, SAP, Siemens, itestra, Fraunhofer IESE, funded by the BMBF)
  • MAN-TUM Maintenance, MANTUMa (TU München with MAN Nutzfahrzeuge)
  • Productivity - Balance for Excellence (TU München with Siemens CT)
  • Google Research Award, SimDect (TU München with Google)
  • Anforderungsorientiertes, modellbasiertes Testen, AMT (TU München with Siemens CT)
  • Models for System Integration Testing, MoSIT (TU München with T-Systems)
  • Product Quality for Software-intensive Products, PQSP (TU München with Siemens CT)
  • Methodical founded development of real-time systems, InTime (TU München funded by the DFG)
  • FAct-based Maturity through Institutionalisation Lessons-learned and Involved Exploration of System-family engineering, FAMILIES (TU München with Siemens CT)
  • Siemens Quality Model (TU München with Siemens COM)
  • From Concepts to Application in System-Family Engineering, CAFE (TU München with Siemens CT)
  • AutoFocus Model and Model-Based Testing of the MOST Network Master (TU München with BMW)
  • Cross-Species Anatomy Network, XSPAN (Heriot-Watt UniversityUniversity of Edinburgh, funded by the BBSRC)