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Yang Wang

Research assisstant / PhD Student

address University of Stuttgart 
Institute of Softwaretechnology
Universitätsstraße 38
D-70569 Stuttgart
phone +49 711 685-88 342
fax +49 711 685-88 380
e-mail yang.wang@informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
room 1.236
office hours Thursday 8 - 12 (by appointment)

Scope of Work

  • Agile 
  • Safety & Security analysis 
  • Safety-critical system management



PROFES 2017  An Exploratory Study on Applying Scrum for Safety-Critical Systems. Yang Wang, Jasmin Ramadani, Stefan Wagner. [preprint] [presentation]

ASCS, XP 2017 A Study of Safety Documentation in a Scrum Development Process. Yang Wang, Ivan Bogicevic, Stefan Wagner. [preprint] [presentation]

CSED, ICSE 2016 Towards Applying a Safety Analysis and Verification Method based on STPA to Agile Software Development. Yang Wang, Stefan Wagner. [preprint] [presentation]

CSE, SE 2016 Toward Integrating a System Theoretic Safety Analysis in an Agile Development Process. Yang Wang, Stefan Wagner. [preprint] [presentation]

EMEIT, 2011 Simulation Research on the Aircraft Orbit Transferring based on Dragging Force Using STK. Yi Tan, Yang Wang. 



          Seminar Agile Techniques in Software Development

Bachelor Thesis / Master Thesis

  • Prozessanalyse: Analyse eines Scrum-basierten Softwareentwicklungsprozesses auf dem Design-Level, Tobias Korb, Matthias Strljic und Tobias Freundorfer haben am 01.12.2015 angefangen.
  • Master Thesis: (English) Building a Bluetooth Automatic Obstacle-Avoidance Robotic Based on an Agile Development Process, Karim Maher hat am 01.02.2016 angefangen.
  • Master Thesis: (English) Improving Software Quality with Continuous Integration in an Agile Development Process, Lingwei Li hat am 01.04.2016 angefangen.
  • Prozessanalyse: Analyse des Release Managements in agilen Entwicklungsprozessen, Jan Güth, Jose Fernando Marin Lopez, und Rainer Erban haben am 01.06.2016 angefangen.
  • Bachelor Thesis: Integration und Anpassung der Social Engineering Attacks in STPA-Sec zur Sicherheitsanalyse, Dominik Sautter hat am 21.11.2016 angefangen.
  • Bachelor Thesis: Dokumentation von Sicherheitsanforderungen beim agilen Requirements Engineering, Marc Voigt hat am 01.12.2016 angefangen.
  • Fachstudien: Using Pair Programming for Safety Code Inspection in an Agile Development Process, Tobias Heck, Hoi Wai Leslie Tso, Marco Link haben am 08.05.2017 angefangen.
  • Bachelor Thesis: Managing Safety Requirement Technical Debt (SRTB) in Agile Development, Rainer Huß hat am 01.06.2017 angefangen.
  • Bachelor Thesis: How to speed up BDD automated acceptance testing for safety-critical systems? Ryan Degutis hat am 01.08.2017 angefangen.
  • Master Thesis: How to ensure security and safety during condition monitoring and predictive maintenance – A case study. Suneet Jain hat am 01.09.2017 angefangen.