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Members of the Software Engineering Group until March 2013

The Software Engineering Research Group in March 2011

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Head until March 2013

Prof Dr. rer. nat. Jochen Ludewig



Kornelia Kuhle


Teaching and Research Assistants

Rainer Schmidberger
Daniel Kulesz
Ivan Bogicevic



Angela Georgescu
Adolf Veith-Willier

Former Members

Marcus Deininger (Mail to Icon)
Anke Drappa (Mail to Icon)
Holger Gubbels
Tilmann Hampp  (Mail to Icon)
Helga Hoff (Mail to Icon)
Markus Knauß (Mail to Icon)
Stefan Krauß (Mail to Icon)
Jinhua Li (Mail to Icon)
Horst Lichter (Mail to Icon)
Patricia Proettel (Mail to Icon)
Ralf Melchisedech
Ursula Mühlbayer (Mail to Icon)
Stefan Opferkuch (Mail to Icon)
Ralf Reißing
Holger Röder (Mail to Icon)
Kurt Schneider
Max Schneider (Mail to Icon)
Jürgen Schwille (Mail to Icon)
Matthias Wetzel