Checklist for Acceptance Testing

In addition to the questions concerning software testing in general (see Checklist for Test Preparation and Checklist for the Execution and Evaluation of Software Testing ) , the following questions should be answered in case of acceptance testing.

Test Preparation

  1. Has the plan for acceptance testing been submitted?

  2. Have all possible interactions been described?

  3. Are all input data required for testing available?

  4. Is it possible to automatically document the test runs?

  5. Have the customer specific constraints been considered?

  6. Have you defined acceptance criteria (e.g. performance, portability, throughput, etc.) on which the completion of the acceptance test will be judged?

  7. Has the method of handling problems detected during acceptance testing and their disposition been agreed between you and the customer?

  8. Have you defined the testing procedure, e.g. benchmark test?

  9. Have you designed test cases to discover contradictions between the software product and the requirements, if existent?

  10. Have you established test cases to review if timing constraints are met by the system?

Test Execution and Evaluation

  1. Has the acceptance test been performed according to the test plan?

  2. Have all steps of the test run been documented?

  3. Have the users reviewed the test results?

  4. Are the services provided by the system conform to user requirements stated before?

  5. Have the users judged about acceptability according to the predetermined criteria?

  6. Has the user signed-off on output?