Rules of Software Project Management

This checklist lists some important software engineering rules that can help you in successfully managing a software project.

  1. Manage using a phased life-cycle plan

  2. Determine job steps
  3. Perform continuous validation

  4. Maintain disciplined product control (configuration management)

  5. Use modern programming practices

  6. Maintin clear accountability for results

  7. Use better and fewer people

  8. Maintain a committment to improve the process

  9. Assure management support

  10. Define terms (e.g. phase, milestone) and avoid changes of the definitions

  11. Keep the project simple
  12. Detect failures as soon as possible
  13. Do not supplant detected problems

  14. Maintain clear rules in personnel management
  15. Keep an overview about the project as a whole

  16. Keep in touch with the people associated with the project

  17. Represent your requests by words and by your behaviour


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