Checklist for Accomodating Reuse Effectively to an Organization's Existing Software Process

This checklist lists some questions concerning organizational issues and methodological issues when reuse should be accomodated. It lists some activities concerning reuse. Some of these activities are suggestive of activities that are appropriate for each phase of the project.

Organisational Questions:

  1. Do upper-level and mid-level managers understand and support goals and objectives of software reuse?

  2. Have they issued directives or policy statements concerning reuse?

  3. Is the software development activity structured by domains that are amenable to reuse considerations?

Methodological Questions:

  1. Are reuse considerations explicitly factored into analysis and design activities?

  2. Have techniques such as object oriented development, information hiding, and data encapsulation been assessed for their reuse potential in your organisation?

Activities that are appropriate for each phase of the software development process:

  1. Initiate action to establish a software engineering process (including development and maintenance) that includes reuse and reusability as important, integral, natural, and inescapable elements.

  2. Emphasize effective, consistent methods for all aspects of software development and maintenance.

  3. Automate activities within the software process as understanding and experience permit.

  4. During the requirements determination phase, conduct the following activities:
  5. During the high-level design phase, conduct the following activities:
  6. During the detailed design phase, conduct the following activities:
  7. During the coding and unit testing phase, conduct the following activities:
  8. During integration testing, conduct the following activities:
  9. Recognizing that the maintenance phase contains as subphases the software development phases, apply to maintenance the guidelines provided above for requirements, design, coding, and testing.


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