Checklist for Design Reviews

Reviews for software design focus on data design, architectural design, and procedural design. In general, two types of design reviews are conducted. The preliminary design review assesses the translation of requirements to design of data and architecture. The second review, often called design walkthrough, concentrates on the procedural correctness of algorithms as they are implemented within program modules. Below you can find two checklists, one for each kind of design review.

Preliminary Design Review

  1. Traceability
  2. Consistency
  3. Completeness
  4. Efficiency

Design Walkthrough

  1. Does the algorithm accomplish the desired function?

  2. Is the algorithm logically correct?

  3. Is the interface consistent with the architectural design?

  4. Is the logical complexity reasonable?

  5. Has error handling been specified?

  6. Are local data structures properly defined?

  7. Are structured programming constructs used throughout?

  8. Is design detail amenable to implementation language?

  9. Has maintainability been considered?

  10. Are all conditions and processing defined for each decision point?

  11. Do all defined and referenced calling sequence parameters agree?