Guidelines for the Review Session

Guidelines for conducting of formal review sessions must be established in advance, distributed to all reviewers, agreed upon, and then followed. The following checklist represents a set of guidelines for formal technical reviews.

  1. The duration of the review meeting should be less than 2 hours.
    If necessary, a new session is convened at the earliest the next day.

  2. The moderator may cancel or call off the review meeting in case The reason for cancelling should be recorded.

  3. The manager of the software project may not interfere in the review meeting.
    He should not participate in the review meeting or take the part of the recorder.

  4. Review the product, not the producer.

  5. Limit the number of participants.
    Keep the number of people involved to a necessary minimum (a maximum of five reviewer).

  6. The moderator may not act as a reviewer at the same time.

  7. General style concerns (outside the guidelines) may not be discussed.

  8. Enunciate problem areas, but do not attempt to solve every problem noted.
    A review is not a problem solving session. Problem solving should be postponed until after the review meeting.

  9. Every reviewer must have the possibility to adequately present his findings.

  10. Each agreement on a finding has to be recorded in such a way that every reviewer can see the notes.

  11. Findings may not be noted in the form of instructions for the author.

  12. Every single finding has to be weighted as

  13. The author of the product must be passive during the review meeting.
    He should only clear up misunderstandings or answer questions.

  14. At the end of the review, all attendees must decide whether to
  15. At the end of the review meeting, all attendees have to sign-off the protocol.

  16. At the end of the review meeting, the author must collect all marked copies of the product to be able to adopt the markings when reworking the product.