Checklist for Risk Assessment

Please answer the following questions. They can help you to asses the potential risk and to identify the risk factors of your project. The risk is higher the more of the following questions you answer with yes.

  1. Does the product require more effort than average?

  2. Does the project cover more functionality than average?

  3. Is the product size estimated bigger than average?

  4. Is any technoloy required that is not well known to the team?

  5. Are the tools needed available and in place?

  6. Is any part of the product technologically unpredictable?

  7. Are performance constraints beneath the possibilities of the current technological base?

  8. Are requirements agreed upon beyond a shade of doubt?

  9. Are requirements expected to change before cutoff?

  10. Is the customer process well understood by anyone in the project's team?

  11. Are the customer and user functions that the product will affect clearly stated and is the effect on each well described?

  12. Are the requirements clearly documented?

  13. Are the requirements prioritized?

  14. Are the requirements described in terms of acceptance criteria for the product?

  15. Is the quantity and quality of the team sufficient to cover the requirements of the project?

  16. Does the project require special skills that are provided by third parties?

  17. Are there critical skills for which nobody is identified?

  18. Are there pressures to staff?

  19. Are there pressures to overstaff in the early phases?

  20. Do the people have realistic expectations about their project job?

  21. Are the task prerequisites of the team members (e.g training) satisfied?

  22. Is the time frame allocated to the project sufficient for the achievement of the stated goals?

  23. Is the customer's process well understood by anyone in the project's team?

  24. Is communication with the customer frequent and fluid?

  25. Does the product have to comply with stringent performance constraints?

  26. Is all technology needed to develop the software available?

  27. Is configuration management established in the project?