Checklist for the Execution and Evaluation of Software Testing

  1. Has the test been executed by testing personnel without programmer supervision?

  2. Have you recorded all test cases and also all test results and system messages?

  3. Have the input data been accepted without data exception?

  4. Have you executed all logical paths or at least met the prior set coverage criteria?

  5. Have all invalid input data been trapped?

  6. Before delivery, have you validated the product's operation as a complete product, when possible under conditions similar to the application environment?

  7. Has the execution time been acceptable according to preestablished timing constraints?

  8. Have all interfaces (e.g. between programs, between subsytems, ..) worked accurately?

  9. Have all system restart procedures and file recovery procedures worked satisfactory?

  10. Is function coverage achieved?

  11. Is error message coverage achieved?

  12. Is timing requirements coverage achieved?

  13. Is resource usage requirements achieved?

  14. Is system expandability requirements achieved?

  15. Are there any project or product specific conditions to consider (e.g. file handling, report layout, mathematical accuracy, etc.)?

  16. Have you compared all output data and system messages with the expected results and notified any deviations?

  17. Have you identified areas impacted by any modifications to allow for retesting?

  18. Have you evaluated test adequacy and relevancy?