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Dušan Okanović


Research Assistant - Postdoc

Dušan Okanović
address Universität Stuttgart
Institute of Software Technology
Universitätsstraße 38 
D-70569 Stuttgart 
phone +49 711 685-88 360
fax +49 711 685-88 472
e-mail dusan.okanovic [at] informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
room 1.336
office hours: by appointment


Dušan Okanović is a postdoc research assistant at Reliable Software Systems at University of Stuttgart (Institute of Software Technology), Germany.

He received his PhD degree from University of Novi Sad, Serbia (2012), as well as MSc and BSc degrees (2006 and 2002). From 2002. he held teaching assistant position on Faculty of Technical Sciences at University of Novi Sad, and from 2013. he became assistant professor. He was also a guest lecturer on other universities in Serbia, teaching courses in various software engineering subjects. From 2015. he moved to University of Stuttgart.

His main research areas are software and performance engineering. He is interested in performance monitoring, management, analysis, as well as enterprise and web application design and development.

Research Interests

  • Software performance engineering
    • Performance monitoring
    • Testing
    • Performance prediction
  • Software development
    • Enterprise systems
    • Web development

Selected Publications