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Testtreiber-Generator für Ada und Modula-2


tg is a simple test driver generator initially developed by André Spiegel for Ada 95. This tool was adapted to Modula-2 to be used in a programming course in the Software Engineering Curriculum at the University of Stuttgart.

There is a page maintained by the author of tg for Ada 95 where the original version is available.


  • written in pure Ada 95 (tested with gnat)
  • generates test drivers for Modula-2 procedures and modules from test case specifications
  • easy to learn specification language for test cases
  • generated test drivers compile with any Modula-2 compiler into executable test programs
  • customizable verbosity of test driver output

Some features of the original tg test case specifications had to be abandoned because Modula-2 is not as powerful as Ada - for example there are no exceptions.

Download tg for Modula-2