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ESW2014:The Second European STAMP Workshop 2014

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Traditional system safety approaches are being challenged by the introduction of new technology and the increasing complexity of the systems we are attempting to build. STAMP is a new systems thinking approach to engineering safer systems described in Nancy Leveson’s new book “Engineering a Safer World” (MIT Press, January 2012). While relatively new, it is already being used in space, aviation, medical, defense, nuclear, automotive, food, and other applications. STAMP (Systems-Theoretic Accident Modeling and Processes) is a new accident causality model based on systems theory and systems thinking described in Nancy Leveson’s new book “Engineering a Safer World.” STPA (System-Theoretic Process Analysis) is a powerful new hazard analysis technique based on STAMP while CAST (Causal Analysis using System Theory) is the equivalent for accident/incident analysis. STAMP is a new accident causality model based on systems theory and systems thinking. Detailed descriptions and applications can be found on Prof. Nancy Leveson's website: http://sunnyday.mit.edu/. In particular her book "Engineering a safer world" is recommended.

The target of STAMP is the integration of new causal factors such as human-decision making, organizational design in the hazard analysis. STAMP is divided into two parts. Whereas STPA is a hazard analysis technique based on STAMP, CAST is the equivalent for the accident/incident analysis technique.

After the success of the first European STAMP workshop at TU Braunschweig in 2013 and the response for the first workshop was overwheling, we have decided to continue the series in Stuttgart. The format for the second workshop will expand on the first and have advanced tutorials, birds of a feather sharing among those in the same industry, presentations of experiences/lessons learned/challenges in using STAMP/STPA/CAST, research papers, and perhaps some panels, small working groups and poster session.  The second STAMP workshop is planned to be held in conjunction with INFORMATIK 2014 at the University of Stuttgart. The 44th annual meeting of the GI will take place from 22 to 26 September 2014 in which will be conducted workshops, tutorials, scientific and practical conferences on the campus of university.


ESW2014 is not the workshop 2014 IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Workshop www.ewh.ieee.org/cmte/ias-esw/ESW2014.html

Workshop Objectives

The objective of the second European STAMP workshop is to further establish a platform for the exchange of ideas, experiences, discussion, co-operation and dissemination in the application of STAMP and related methods. The workshop aims to bring together researchers and safety practitioners from different areas who are interested in improving their approaches to system safety and who are already trying STPA/CAST to share their experiences and provide direction for future research, and to encourage the use of STAMP techniques in real systems in industry. Furthermore, we would like to provide opportunities for informal group discussions included in the program to discuss the evaluation of the application of STAMP in academic and industry projects.

Workshop Topics

The main topics of the Workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • Experiences using STPA and CAST
  • Safety-guided design using STPA
  • Accident analyses
  • Certification and regulatory issues
  • Evaluations and comparisons with traditional techniques
  • Risk management and identifying leading indicators
  • Using STPA/CAST for software-intensive systems
  • Applications to security
  • Tools, processes, and other support for analysis and design using STPA and CAST
  • Safety management systems
  • Management and adoption experiences or challenges

Call for Papers

Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit an extended abstract submission (up to 3 pages) to the workshop on original research — either practical experiences with using STAMP/CAST/STPA, or STAMP Tools or ideas and positions that have yet to be fully developed. Also work-in-progress and position papers are welcome if they have potential for interesting discussions. All submitted papers must conform to the LNI format (http://www.gi.de/service/publikationen/lni/).

All accepted abstracts will be published in LNI proceeding of Informatik2014.

Workshop Tutorials

The tutorials which you can attend and pick one of them during the ESW 2014 workshop are:

  • Introduction to STAMP, STPA, and CAST (Prof. Leveson)
  • Advanced STPA Tutorial (John Thomas, MIT)
  • Applying STPA to the Automotive Domain Tutorial (Asim Abdulkhaleq)
  • CAST Tutorial (TBA)
  • STPA-Sec Security Tutorial and Exercises²  (Bill Young, MIT)
  • Experienced Users  Meeting (Rene' Hosse, TU Braunschweig)

Workshop Registration:

To register please click here INFORMATIK 2014

Workshop Chairs and Programme Committee:

Workshop Chairs:

  • Stefan Wagner, University of Stuttgart
  • Eckehard Schnieder, TU Braunschweig

Programme Committee:

  • Jens Braband, Siemens
  • Tim Kelly, University of York
  • Nancy Leveson, MIT
  • Brend Müller, Robert Bosch GmbH
  • Jörg  Müller, Bombardier
  • Lorena Pelegrin, ILF
  • Eelco Vriezekolk, University of Twente

Workshop Programm:

Day 1:  Monday, 22.09.2014 (Building: Pfaffenwaldring 7,Room: 7.01)

7:30-End of day

Registration (Building: Universitätsstr. 38)


Welcome (Prof. Wagner)




Introduction to STAMP, STPA, and CAST  (Leveson)

Building: Pfaffenwaldring 7, Room: 7.01


Experienced Users Meeting (adoption

challenges, research needs, shared

Experiences, etc.) (Cody Fleming) BuildingUniversitätsstr. 38, Room:0.363




STPA Tutorial and Exercises (John Thomas)

Building: Pfaffenwaldring 7, Room: 7.01

STPA in Automotive Domain Tutorial (Asim Abdulkhaleq)

Building: Universitätsstr. 38 ,Room: 0.447

STPA-Sec Security Tutorial and Exercises²

(Bill Young)

Building: Universitätsstr. 38 ,Room: 0.457






STPA Tutorial and Exercises (John Thomas)

Building: Pfaffenwaldring 7,Room: 7.01

STPA in Automotive Domain Tutorial

(Asim Abdulkhaleq)

Building: Universitätsstr. 38 ,Room: 0.447

STPA-Sec Security Tutorial and Exercises²

(Bill Young)

Building: Universitätsstr. 38 ,Room: 0.457







4:30- 5:00

(Building: Pfaffenwaldring 7,Room: 7.01)

Robert J. de Boer, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Application of STAMP to Improve the evaluation of safety management

Martin Rejzek,  Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Use of STPA in digital instrumentation and control systems of nuclear power plants

Geert Roelf Kleve, University Medical Centre Groningen, Preliminary hazard Analysis of a Track and Trace Software Tool using System Theoretic Process Analysis


Dinner buffet?Building: Universitätsstr. 38, Room 2.013)

Tool Demo:

Asim Abdulkhaleq, New Improvements to A-STPA tool support for STPA


Day 2: Thuesday, 23.09.2014 : (Building: Pfaffenwaldring 7,Room: 7.01)

7:30-End of Day

Registration (Building: Universitätsstr. 38)



Nancy Leveson, MIT, Using STAMP to develop Leading indicators

Brian Edwards, ACRES,  Utilising STAMP to define the First-into-Man system for medicines







Cody Fleming, MIT, Model-based Concept Development and Safety Driven Design

John Thomas, MIT, Developing systematic techniques to identify control flaws using System-Theoretic Process Analysis

Kip Johnson, MIT, Investigating Safety and Cybersecurity Tradespace Concepts for Manned-Unmanned Aerial Systems Integration Using STPA. [paper PDF]





2:30- 03:00

Aubrey Samost, MIT, Evaluating Systems with Multiple Process Using STPA

Eleftheria Mitka, Applying STAMP to safety standards of mowing roborts

Yasuhiko Kawbae, Tatsuya Yanagisawa, Chunyao Chuang, Aiste Lastauskaite, UNIVANCE Corpm, Applying STAMP/STPA to Human Safety System for Four Wheel Drive-Train





Group Discussion

End of workshop


The workshop will be held in the building Universitätsstr. 38 and building Pfaffenwaldring 7, campus Vaihingen, University of Stuttgart 

Institute of Software Technology (ISTE)
Street: Universitätsstraße 38
ZIP: 70569 Stuttgart, Germany

Coming from the city: Take the subway from the station "Hauptbahnhof", "Stadtmitte" or "Feuersee" S1 (Herrenberg), S2 or S3 (both Flughafen) and get off at "Universität".

Coming from the Airport (Flughafen): Take the subway S2 (Schorndorf) or S3 (Backnang) and get off at "Universität".Parking is available for free outside the institute. If you do not find the location, call ++49 (0)711/685-88355 (Workshop Secretariat) or +49 711 685-88 458 (Contact Person: Asim)

Stuttgart University Location

Workshop Registration:

To register please click here INFORMATIK 2014

Contact & Workshop Website

If you have questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact the organization committee:

Mr. Asim AbdulkhaleqM. Sc.

Universität Stuttgart

Institut für Softwaretechnologie

Universitätsstraße 38 , Raum 1.242

D-70569 Stuttgart


Telefon     +49 711 685-88 458

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