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A-CAST (Automated Causal Analysis based on STAMP)


A-CAST is an open tool support the application of CAST (Causal Analysis using System Theory) which automates the activities of CAST accident Analysis. We develop the A-CAST tool as a plug-in which will be integrated with XSTAMPP to assist safety analysis in performing CAST. Moreover, it will give the safety analysts different views on the CAST Accident Analysis  process.

A-CAST is now integrated with our new platform XSTAMPP  



A-CAST tool has the following main functions:

  • It is based on XSTAMP platform.
  • Edit the fundamentals of accident analysis.
  • Edit the information of the accident, hazards and the safety constraints which are violated.
  • Draw the control structure diagram and export the diagagra
  • Edit the proximal events of accidents.
  • Edit the roles and safety responsibilites for each component in the control structure diagram.
  • Edit the recommendation about each component in the control structure diagram.
  • Export and import the CAST accident analysis results as file with extension *.acc.
  • And other useful functions.

Download and Installation Guide

 please visit our website www.xstampp.de 

Release Notes

Upcoming Version 1.0.0 will be released in the few next weeks


Developers Team: Martin Root

Dr. Asim Abdulkhaleq

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Wagner