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A-STPA is an open tool to help transform STPA (Systems-Theoretic Process Analysis) to an executable STPA which automates the activities of STPA. We develop the A-STPA tool to assist safety analysts in performing STPA. Moreover, it will give the safety analysts different views on the STPA hazard analysis process. We discuss the design of the tool and illustrate its usage. So far, it is still an early version but it can already help the safety analysts in avoiding consistency defects. We are confident that A-STPA will become a powerful tool support for STPA.

A-STPA is now integrated with our new platform XSTAMPP 



A-STPA is an open-source tool based on the Eclipse platform which is developed as a student project in the software engineering programme of the University of Stuttgart. The student project started in April 2013 and will finish in February 2014. Our team consisted of 9 students and 3 teaching assistants.


A-STPA tool has the following main functions:

  • Edit the fundamentals of analysis.
  • link the conducted information during step 1 to the other components in the next steps such as the hazards links to the accidents and safety constraints which are derived from the hazards.
  • Draw the control structure diagram and export the diagram as image.
  • Edit tables such as control actions table, unsafe control action table, causal factors table.   Augmented the control structure diagram with process model.
  • Export and import the STPA hazard analysis results as file with extension *.haz.
  • And other useful functions.

Download and Installation Guide

please visit our website www.xstampp.de 



A-STPA User Manual

Before starting with A-STPA please read Quick Start Guide A-STPA

A-STPA Demo/Tutorials

Video Tutorial 1: Editing the fundamentals of Analysis

Video Tutorial 2: Drawing Control Structure Diagram

Video Tutorial 3: Editing Unsafe Control Actions Table

Video Tutorial 4: Drawing Process Models and Editing Causal Factors Table

Video Tutorial 5: Save&Export the STPA hazard analysis final project and Report

Release Notes

Upcoming Version 1.0.4 will be released in the few next weeks

Version 1.0.3 is published on 24.07.2014


  • added Export function of all Data as Data Sheet, Image and PDF Export
  • added Contact Data in the About Dialog
  • added ControlAction Component in the ControlStructure,linked with the ControlActionsView 1.0.2
  • automatically export the control action from the Control Structure to the list of control action

Snapshot: Bugfixes:

  • enhanced the handling of the hazard linking Dialog in the 'Unsafe Control Actions Table'
  • prevent components from beeing dragged out of sight
  • adapt the Control Structure Export image
  • it's now possible to change the height and width of the Values and Variables inside the Process Modell
  • enhanced undo/Redo - improved popup for safety Constraint linking in the Causal analysis

Version 1.0.2 is published on 18.03.2014

Version 1.0.1 is published on 20.02.2014.


Welcome screen
System description editor
Control structure diagram editor
Process Model variables editor




Developers Team: Aliaksei Babkovich, Lukas Balzer, Adam Grahovac,Jarkko Heidenwag, Benedikt Markt, Jaqueline Patzek, Sebastian Sieber, Fabian Toth and Patrick Wickenhaeuser.

Supervisors: Ivan Bogicevic, Daniel Kulesz and Jasmin Ramadani

Customer and contact person: Asim Abdulkhaleq

Examiner: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Wagner