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XSTPA ( Extended Approach to STPA) Tool Support




XSTPA is an Eclipse plug-in contains both algorithms of an extended approach to STPA and transforming the safety requirements into formal specification in LTL (Linear Temporal Logic). It uses a combinatorial testing algorithm to automatically generate the context table and identify a minimal combination of process model variables for large and complex systems. XSTPA uses a Java library for the combinatorial testing algorithm called ACTS which was developed by the American National Institute of Standards and Technology to generate combination sets of t parameters with n values.


XSTPA is now integrated with our platform XSTAMPP 


A-XSTPA tool has the following main functions:

  • It is based on XSTAMP platform.
  • It uses the software combinatorial testing algorithm.
  • Select the safety-critical control actions.
  • Set the dependencies between the control actions and process model variables.
  • Automatically generate the context tables of each control action
  • Automatically check the conflicted combinations in the context tables.
  • Allow to apply different coverage combinations to reduce the number of the generated combinations
  • Automatically generate the LTL formal specification of the refined safety requirements.
  • Export the XSTPA results  accident analysis results as Excel data sheets.
  • And other useful functions.

Download and Installation Guide


please visit our website www.xstampp.de 

How to use XSTPA

1- If you create STPA project in the project explorer, then you can open the "XSTPA" View by opening the "Control Structure with Process model" view in the project tree, as seen in the Picture below. Double-clicking on XSPTA will open the XSTPA view under the safety control structure diagram with process model.

2- First, you need to download the last version of java library commend line of ACTS tool as ACTS_cmd.x.jar from the home page of the ACTS Tool: acts_cmd_2.92.  Download Acts_cmd.jar" or you can get acts_cmd_2.92.jar file from our repository  acts_cmd_2.92.jar

Secondly, you need to set the path of ACTS.jar file from the preferences menu or from the setting button in the context table view.

3- To generate the context table, you have to choose which control action is safety critical and identify the dependencies matrix which contains  the process model variables which have an effect on the safety of the control action. Then click on the generate button in the right-side in the context table to generate the context table. In the refined safety requirements, click on LTL button on the right-side to automatically generate the LTL formal specification

STPA LTL formal specification

For more information, please read the help content in XSTAMP (Help -> Help content)


Video Demo: How to use XSTPA to generate the context tables and LTL

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Release Notes

The first Version 1.0.0 is released within the XSTAMP version 2.0.0  [27.11.2015]


Developers Team: Yannic Sowodinnich

Dr. Asim Abdulkhaleq

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Wagner