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Seminar "Behavioral Software Engineering"

(D. Graziotin,  V. Käfer)

Behavioral software engineering is a growing area of research, which bridges behavioral science disciplines such as  psychology, cognitive science, and sociology with software engineering. It describes how human behavior influences individual aspects as well as organizational aspects in software engineering. In this seminar we want to take a look at some  topics that are being investigated.
Please note: The whole seminar will be held in English!


First meeting and assignment of topics:

Wednesday,21.09.16 10:00 - 11:30 in 0.463

Lectures Tuesday 17:30 to 19:00 in 0.108.

You can withdraw from the seminar until 30.09.16 via Ms.Ritzmann


Perliminary planing of talks

Date Topic
21.09.16 Kick-off
18.10.16 How to give a presentation
25.10.16 Information seeking/How to write
01.11.16 Holiday Allerheiligen
08.11.16 three student talks
15.11.16 three student talks
22.11.16 three student talks
29.11.16 three student talks
06.12.16 three student talks
16.12.16 Version for peer review
23.12.16 - 08.01.17 Christmas holidays
08.01.17 Finished peer review
10.02.17 Deadline final seminar papers


Deadline of final seminar paper

10.02.2017 23:59 via Ilias

Organisational issues

Papers are expected to be in IEEE Conference Style.
Each student has to give a presentation on his or her topic (15 - 20 min talk + 10 discussion). All students are expected to participate in the discussions.

A first version of the paper must be finished until 16.12.16. This version will be peer-reviewed until 08.01.17.


The seminar will be held by Dr. Daniel Graziotin and Verena Käfer. The examiner is Prof. Dr. Stefan Wagner.