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SE Colloquium

In light of the developments around COVID-19 (a.k.a. "Coronavirus"), starting with 12.03.2020, until further notice, the SE-colloquium will take place exclusively virtually using our conference system. There will not be any physical meeting in place.
Even if the submission deadline of student works has changed, the colloquium dates and times remain the same.
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Welcome to SE-Colloquium, our almost weekly appointment for talks on software engineering research. We host presentations of works by our students (including, but not limited to, thesis presentations and research or implementation projects), our research team, and invited guests.

Our regular schedule is every Thursday, from 14:00 to 15:30, room 1.212, Universitätsstraße 38, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany.

Proposals for presentations about student works should be sent to their own supervisors.
Proposals for any other presentation can be sent to Dr. Daniel Graziotin.

Attending the Colloquium as audience is free to the public, no registration required, and it is very welcome by the SE-ISTE group.

Infos and rules

  • For projects started after February 2020: English is preferred.
  • Intermediate Presentation (Zwischenvortrag)
    • 10 min presentation + 10 min discussion.
    • Only BSc and MSc theses, ca. 1 month in.
  • Final Presentation (Abschlussvortrag)
    • 20 min presentation + 10 min discussion.
    • All project types, ca. 6 months in.



Date  Title  Presenter(s)  Supervisor(s)

Intermediate MSc thesis: Factors leading to retention and organizational turnover in software engineering: a conceptual model

Matthias Gürtler

Dr. Daniel Graziotin

Intermediate MSc thesis: "A Meta-Approach to Guide Architectural Refactoring from Monolithic Applications to Microservices" Qiwen Gu Jonas Fritzsch
28.05.2020 Final BSc thesis: Adoption of a new, efficient database architecture for the comet stream simulation tool IMEX Nikolay Fateev Dr. Daniel Graziotin
Intermediate BSc thesis: Weiterentwicklung & Verbesserung der Usability einer auf dem (E)DCC-Ansatz basierenden Grafendatenbank und Implementierung von zugehörigen Verwaltungs- und Analysetools Felix Belz Vitali Schuk
Intermediate MSc thesis "Java Interface for Secure Crypto Config" Lisa-Marie Teis Kai Mindermann
04.06.2020 Intermediate BSc thesis: Software Engineering for AI-ML-Based Systems: A Secondary Study on the State of Practice Ralf Baumann Justus Bogner
Intermediate BSc thesis: Quality Attributes in AI-ML-Based Systems: Differences and Challenges Beloslava Damyanova Justus Bogner
Final Msc thesis: Experimentelle Untersuchung des Placebo-Effekts beim Verstehen von Quellcode Andreas Preikschat Marvin Wyrich
18.06.2020 Final field study: Analyses regarding software safety and availability
Maximilian Frech, Myriam Hess, Fabian Weik Tobias Schmid, Jinghua Yu
Final process analysis: Analysis of the Virtual Reality-Application development at Fraunhofer IAO Building Culture Innovation Team Moritz Häcker, Martin Kenzler, Paul Weise Dr. Daniel Graziotin
Final field study: Microservices in der Praxis- Eignung und Einsatz im Vergleich zu monolithischen Architekturen Jessica Gaupp, Timo Pohl, Timothy Ernst Jonas Fritzsch
25.06.2020 Final BSc thesis: Konzeption und Umsetzung der Identifikation abhängiger Elemente in XSTAMPP 4 sowie deren Anwendung bei Strukturellen Änderungen des Systems Yannik Florian Dietrich Wolfgang Fechner
Intermediate BSc thesis: Migration einer monolithischen Anwendungsinfrastruktur in eine Private-Cloud Umgebung - Eine Machbarkeitsstudie
Johannes Preßmar Jonas Fritzsch
Intermediate BSc thesis: Weiterentwicklung und Implementierung eines Analysetools zum Trassieren von vorhandenen und zu planenden Verkehrswegen in das vorhandene EDCC-Modell Janek Greif Vitali Shuk
09.07.2020 Final BSc thesis: Evaluation of incompatible networking changes between ECUs with Data Science Sebastian Müller Torsten Bone, Jinghua Yu
16.07.2020 Final BSc thesis:Implementierung des Systems XSTAMPP 4 als Einzelplatzanwendung
Maurice Greiner Wolfgang Fechner
Final BSc thesis: Adaption des Systems XSTAMPP 4 an die Analysemethode STAMP/CAST in der Einzelplatzanwendung
Ea Zimmermann Wolfgang Fechner
Final BSc thesis: Erweiterung der Einzelplatzanwendung des Systems XSTAMPP 4 um die Verfeinerung der Unsafe Control Actions für ein Model Check
Felix Held Wolfgang Fechner
27.08.2020 Final MSc study: The role of software engineering in the digitalization of organizations – a systematic mapping study Rainer Huß, Maria Akouta, Sascha Zeller Dr. Daniel Graziotin

Final MSc thesis: Factors leading to retention and organizational turnover in software engineering: a conceptual model

Matthias Gürtler

Dr. Daniel Graziotin

Final MSc study:

Factors leading to retention and organizational turnover in software engineering: a grounded theory study

Steffen Schneider, Magnus Specht

Dr. Daniel Graziotin
Final MSc thesis: Java Interface for Secure Crypto Config Lisa-Marie Teis Kai Mindermann


Daniel Graziotin

Daniel Graziotin

Senior Researcher (Akademischer Rat)

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