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Development Project (M.Sc. SE, 12 ECTS, 8 SWS)

Co-Evolution of Architectural and Certification Models

8P (Grunske)

Stand: SS 2014

Today’s large-scale software systems have to satisfy numerous functional and quality requirements. The satisfaction of these requirements should be checked at an abstract model level. Every quality requirement, especially probabilistic quality requirements need to be designed with different and complementary modeling languages (e.g fault trees, markov models, queuing networks).

Furthermore, every quality model should remain consistent with architectural models and each other to satisfy multiple quality attributes. In other words, as the system evolves, multiple models should be kept consistent. Model transformation techniques (e.g. graph transformations) are a way to propagate these evolution changes to the models, construct the relations between multiple models and developing strategies for consistency. The user interaction (in the tool) can be also included to add more domain knowledge during the development of the models.

The goals of this project are to design and implement:

  1. A tool allowing creating architecture model and multiple QoS models of the same system.
  2. A tool which keeps multiple models consistent whenever they evolve (including also using user interaction).

Experiences gained by the participants will include:

  • Managing a software development project (e.g., agile process) in a group
  • Incremental Verification
  • Learning model-driven engineering concepts (e.g. metamodeling, model transformations, model-driven code generation.)
  • Using state-of-the-art software technologies and development tools
    for model driven engineering (e.g., EMF, OCL, Eclipse Henshin)
  • Getting in touch with real challenges from academia and common case studies

1st Meeting:
15.04.2014 @ 13:00 in Room 1.049 [date to be confirmed]

Additional information and material is provided in the ILIAS system (password-protected)


Prof. Dr. Lars Grunske, grunske@informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
Reliable Software Systems (RSS) Group
Institute for Software Technology (ISTE), University of Stuttgart