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Empirical Software Engineering Group

The Empirical Software Engineering Research Group wants to deliver contributions to software engineering which are applicable to the real world and also used in the real world. At the same time we do not ask external partners to apply software engineering procedures we do not follow ourselves daily. Thus we are our own, not always successful, laboratory animals.

Research of the Software Engineering Group

Software Lab

Our research focuses on tools and techniques for building reliable, efficient, and secure software. To this end, we work on testing and analysis of complex software systems. As part of our research, we have contributed to techniques that detected thousands of bugs and critical vulnerabilities in widely used software.

Research of the Software Lab

Software Quality and Architecture Group

The Software Quality and Architecture Group focuses on the development of high-quality software systems. In particular, we focus on methods to develop trustworthy software systems, i.e. performant, scalable, elastic, cost-efficient, reliable, safe, and mantainable ones. We research into methods and tools to verify these properties on system models at design time and methods and tools to enforce these properties at runtime.  Our research targets applications in various domains, e.g., information systems, web-scale systems, IoT-systems, avionic systems, mechatronic systems  or systems doing high-performance computing.

Research of the Software Quality and Architecture Group

Contacts for ISTE

This image shows Steffen Becker
Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Steffen Becker

Head of the Software Quality and Architecture Group

[Photo: U. Regenscheit / University of Stuttgart]

This image shows Michael Pradel
Prof. Dr. sc.

Michael Pradel

Head of Software Lab

This image shows Stefan Wagner
Prof. Dr.

Stefan Wagner

Head of the Empirical Software Engineering Group, Executive Director of the Institute of Software Engineering

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