Software-Defined Car (SofDCar)


Development of foundations for new software development methodology for future vehicle generations.

The amount of deployed software in vehicles is rising. Simultaneously, software is updated in shorter release cycles. As a consequence, car manufacturers face new challenges in the management of software.

Several researchers of the ISTE SQA are involved in the project Software-Defined Car (SofDCar). The project consists of academic and industrial partners addressing the development of foundations for a new software development methodology for future vehicle generations.

ISTE SQA researches the modeling and orchestration of vehicle fleets which includes topics such as variant management of vehicle topologies and Over-the-Air updates. Furthermore, the communication between vehicles and surrounding systems is investigated for use cases such as cooperative overtaking in which vehicles autonomously overtake each other.

The project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) under Grant No. 19S21002.


This image shows Miles Stötzner

Miles Stötzner

M. Sc.

Research Assistant, External Doctoral Researcher

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