Student Theses

On this page we provide some information about the process to enquire for available theses at SQA.

Student Theses

We often get requests for available student theses. Therefore, we created a process to enquire for available theses at SQA.

Usually, we have open theses topics for students available. However, not all the time, we have spare capacity to do the actual supervision. As posters on a physical display often age to fast, we decided for a digital process you can use to enquire for open thesis' topic.

The process is started by writing a mail to In that mail please provide some details on your background, your study interests, courses offered by us you liked and attended, etc. When sending this mail, all members of SQA will receive your request and can sent you offers afterwards. You will get at least an automated confirmation of the distribution of your request. In case there are open topics matching your interests, you will get a personal response from one or many SQA team members with a personal invitation.


This image shows Steffen Becker
Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Steffen Becker

Head of the Software Quality and Architecture Group

[Photo: U. Regenscheit / University of Stuttgart]

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