Empirical Software Engineering

The Empirical Software Engineering Group in the Institute of Software Engineering is responsible for teaching most of the basic software engineering courses as well as advanced courses in software quality, research methods and project management. The group does research with a high practical relevance, often in collaboration with companies with the aim to improve the way we make software. This group is currently under transition. Prof. Dr. Stefan Wagner moved to TUM.

Software Engineering is the scientific engineering discipline that is concerned with the way we build software. The Empirical Software Engineering group covers this broad field in teaching and does research from the perspective of software quality, human factors and empirical studies with a focus on automotive software and AI-based software.


This image shows Stefan Wagner

Stefan Wagner

Prof. Dr.

Head of the Empirical Software Engineering Group

Matthias Heizmann

Prof. Dr.

Head of the Empirical Software Engineering Group

Katharina Plett


Secretary of the Empirical Software Engineering Group (Prof. Wagner) and of the Software Lab: Program Analysis (Prof. Pradel)

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