Institute of Software Technology

Software Technology deals with all issues related to software engineering and development. Our institute is composed of the Programming Languages and Compilers Group, the Reliable Software Systems Group, and the Software Engineering Group.
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Programming Languages and Compilers

Prof. Dr. rer. nat./Univ. Harvard Erhard Plödereder

The Programming Languages and Compilers Group is primarily concerned with the development of methods and tools for software analyses assisting early error detection and program understanding during the development and maintenance of industrial systems. The integration of these tools in an IDE, i.e., in our Bauhaus system, is a central theme.
In addition, we develop programming language concepts especially for safety-critical embedded systems. Another theme is the identification and avoidance of safety- and security-relevant vulnerabilities in programs.
We also teach traditional compiler construction and modern code optimization techniques.

Programming Languages and Compilers Group

Reliable Software Systems

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Steffen Becker

The Reliable Software Systems group deals with methods, languages, and tools to engineer the quality of software systems. Software quality is the level to which a software system meets its requirements beyond the functional correctness, i.e., performance, reliability, safety, maintainability, scaleability, elasticity, cost- and energy-efficiency, etc.  Our methods help software architects, developers, and operators to design systems efficiently to meet their quality reqirements and to help them monitor and ensure them at runtime.

Reliable Software Systems Group

Software Engineering

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Wagner

The Software Engineering Research Group wants to deliver contributions to software engineering which are applicable to the real world and also used in the real world. At the same time we do not ask external partners to apply software engineering procedures we do not follow ourselves daily. Thus we are our own, not always successful, laboratory animals.

Software Engineering Group


Dieses Bild zeigt Wagner
Prof. Dr.

Stefan Wagner

Head of the Software Engineering Group, Executive Director of the Institute of Software Technology


Kornelia Kuhle

Secretary of the Programming Languages and Compilers Group and of the Software Engineering Group

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