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Institute of Software Engineering


Software Engineering deals with all issues related to developing, operating and maintaining software. Our institute is composed of the Empirical Software Engineering Group, the Software Lab: Program Analysis, and the Software Quality and Architecture Group.

Empirical Software Engineering (ESE)

Prof. Dr. Matthias Heizmann


Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Wagner (moved to TUM)


Empirical Software Engineering

Software Lab: Program Analysis (SOLA)

Prof. Dr. sc. Michael Pradel

The "Software Lab: Program Analysis" is a research group that focuses on tools and techniques for building reliable, efficient, and secure software. To this end, we work on testing and analysis of complex software systems. As part of our research, we have contributed to techniques that detected thousands of bugs in widely used software.

Software Lab: Program Analysis

Software Quality and Architecture (SQA)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Steffen Becker

The Software Quality and Architecture group deals with methods, languages, and tools to engineer the quality of software systems. Software quality is the level to which a software system meets its requirements beyond the functional correctness, i.e., performance, reliability, safety, maintainability, scaleability, elasticity, cost- and energy-efficiency, etc.  Our methods help software architects, developers, and operators to design systems efficiently to meet their quality reqirements and to help them monitor and ensure them at runtime.

Software Quality and Architecture


This image shows Michael Pradel

Michael Pradel

Prof. Dr. sc.

Head of Software Lab, Executive Director of the Institute of Software Engineering

Katharina Plett


Secretary of the Empirical Software Engineering Group (Prof. Wagner) and of the Software Lab: Program Analysis (Prof. Pradel)

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