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Jonas Fritzsch


Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
ISTE - Institut für Software Engineering
ESE - Empirisches Software Engineering


+49 711 685 88458
+49 711 685 88380

Universitätsstraße 38
70569 Stuttgart
Raum: 1.242


  • Software Architecture and Refactoring 
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Microservices
J. Fritzsch, F. Correia, J. Bogner, and S. Wagner. “Tools for Refactoring to Microservices: A Preliminary Usability Report” 5th International Conference on Microservices (Microservices 2023), Pisa, Italy, 2023. (Link)
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  • 2023  Axel Herrmann - Toolunterstütztes Refactoring von Microservices-
    Architekturen: Eine industrielle Fallstudie, Bachelorthesis
  • 2023  Sina Hepoezkan, Noel Uzunbeycan, Markus Walter - Design and Development of a Repository for Migration and Architectural Refactoring Approaches towards Microservices, Forschungsprojekt (Bachelor) 
  • 2023  Marvin Knodel - Migration monolithischer Anwendungen in Microservices-basierte Architekturen: Fallstudie einer Service/Sales-Applikation, Masterthesis
  • 2022  Daniel Koch - Migrating Monolithic Architectures to Microservices: A Study on Software Quality Attributes, Masterthesis
  • 2022  Leon Boppert, Jakob Getz, Tobias Hirzel - Evaluating Architectural Refactoring Approaches and Tools for Migrating Monoliths to Microservices, Forschungsprojekt (Master) 
  • 2022  Tobias Haller - Design, Implementation and Evaluation of an Application for Guiding Architectural Refactoring to Microservices - Masterthesis
  • 2021  Valentin Seifermann - How to Strangle Systematically: An Approach and Case Study for the Continuous Evolution of Monoliths to Microservices, Masterthesis
  • 2020  Qiwen Gu - A Meta-Approach to Guide Architectural Refactoring from
    Monolithic Applications to Microservices, Masterthesis
  • 2020  Johannes Preßmar - Migration einer monolithischen Anwendungsinfrastruktur in eine Private-Cloud Umgebung: Eine
    Machbarkeitsstudie, Bachelorthesis
  • 2020  Jessica Gaupp, Timo Pohl, Timothy Ernst - Microservices in der Praxis: Eignung und Einsatz im Vergleich zu monolithischen Architekturen, Fachstudie (Bachelor)
  • 2019  Aparna Bose - Property-Based Testing: Evaluating its Applicability and Effectiveness for AUTOSAR Basic Software, Masterthesis
  • 2019  Müller Marvin, Thanh Phong Truong, Alexander Keck - Observability and Monitoring of Distributed Systems: A Qualitative Content Analysis of Expert Interviews, Fachstudie (Bachelor)
  • 2019  Sweekar Revanna - A Systematic Approach to extend the common Software Testing Types with modules specific to the field of Machine Learning, Masterthesis
  • 2019  Aanal Raj Basaula - Software Test Automation for IoT Applications: Design and Implementation of a Test Framework for the Digital Concepts Gateway, Masterthesis
  • 2018  Daniel Pawlowicz - Realisierung einer Cloud Manufacturing Orchestrations- und Planungsplattform, Masterthesis
  • 2018  Ebru Güner, Zainab Al-Taie, Abdul Erc, Mehmet Tasdemir - Analyse und Vergleich von CAD-Austauschformaten in der Produktion, Fachstudie (Bachelor)
  • 2018  Daniel Brühl - Anwendungsentwicklung auf serverlosen Plattformen, Bachelorthesis
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