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Teaching Activities

Teaching at RSS covers topics related to general software engineering, software architecture, software quality modeling and analyzes, model-driven software engineering, and releated topics. These basic topics are enhanced by courses on current trends and technologies like microservices, DevOps, APM, Elastic Cloud Computing, resilient software systems, etc.

Teaching Statement

Teaching at RSS deals with engineering software systems in a way that they fulfil their functional, but in particular their non- or extra-functional properties. In all kinds of courses we try to connect our topics with current trends and practices in industry. In particular, in most courses employees of our industry partners give lectures, participate in theses or projects, contribute to seminars, etc.

Teaching at RSS

Courses in Winter Term 2018/2019

The following courses will be offered in winter term 2018/2019.
Detailed information on the courses can be found via the provided C@mpus and Ilias links. In case you are interested in student theses please consult the information here.

  • Requirements Engineering und Software-Architektur (C@mpus)(Ilias)
  • Sichere und zuverlässige Softwaresysteme (C@mpus)(Ilias)
  • Programmierung und Softwareentwicklung (C@mpus)(Ilias)
  • Seminar Selected Topics in Software Engineering: Software Quality Verification and Forecasting (C@mpus)(Ilias)

Previous Semesters

The following courses will be offered in summer term 2018.
Detailed information on the courses can be found via the provided C@mpus and Ilias links.

  • Software Engineering for ST (C@mpus)(Ilias)
  • Model-Driven Software Development (C@mpus)(Ilias)
  • Seminar Non-functional properties in software system engineering (C@mpus)(Ilias)
  • Development Project "Palladio Multi-Core Modeling" (C@mpus)(Ilias)

Visual Paradigm provides University of Stuttgart with UML and BPMN tools under the Academic Partner Program.

For matters of teaching contact

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Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Steffen Becker

Head of the Reliable Software Systems Group

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