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Real-Time Programming

ATTENTION: The repeat exam of Real-Time Programming will be a written exam on Tuesday, February 15th, 2011, 10-12h, in lecture hall V38.04 (Comp.Sc. building). The exam is a closed book exam.


Prof. Dr. Erhard Plödereder

  • Thursday, 11:30 -- 13:00,  V38.02
  • Friday,      11:30 -- 13:00,  V38.02 (bi-weekly)


Aoun Raza

  • Wednesday, 11:30 -- 13:00,  0.363 (bi-weekly)
  • Wednesday, 15:45 -- 17:15,  0.363 (bi-weekly)

Mikhail Prokharau

  • Friday, 11:30 -- 13:00,  V38.02 (bi-weekly)


Assignments are not graded and must not be submitted. They are discussed in the exercises accompanying the lectures. Even though sample solutions will be discussed in the exercises, students are encouraged to present their own versions during each exercise. Many exercises (as well as a number of lectures) will use the Ada programming language. We strongly recommend that participants familiarize themselves with Ada beforehand.

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The course will focus on the specific requirements arising from programming real-time (or embedded) systems. These systems differ from the typical, more traditional information processing systems and hence place new requirements on the programming language as well as the programmer. The following topics will be discussed:

  • Introduction to real-time systems
  • Fault tolerance and error recovery
  • Scheduling
  • Concurrency
  • Communication and synchronization
  • Device communication and interrupts

Useful Links


  • Alan Burns and Andy Wellings: Real-Time Systems and Programming Languages, Addison Wesley, Fourth Edition (April 2009)
  • Alan Burns and Andy Wellings: Real-Time Systems and Programming Languages, Addison Wesley, Third Edition (March 2001)
  • Alan Burns and Andy Wellings: Real-Time Systems and Programming Languages, Addison-Wesley, Second Edition (April 1996)