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Concepts of Modern Programming Languages (2V + 1Ü)


Prof. Dr. Erhard Plödereder


Mikhail Prokharau


  • Lecture Fr. 14:00 -- 15:30 V38.02
  • Exercises Fr. 15:45 -- 17:15 V38.02 (biweekly)
  • Exercises Mo. 15:45 -- 17:15 V38.02 (biweekly)


Please note: the exam review is on April 19, 2012 from 13:00 until 14:00 in room 1.212.


Lecture on fundamental concepts in and design of programming languages.

Lecture Notes

The lecture notes are available (via the internal network only).  All kinds of comments and improvements are welcome.

The printed version can also be bought from the Kopierlädle.

Assignment Sheets

Assignments are not graded and must not be submitted. They are discussed in the exercises accompanying the lectures. Even though sample solutions will be discussed in the exercises, students are encouraged to present their own versions during each exercise.

Please note that there are two separate exercise groups. Only one group is supposed to be attended by each student. You are encouraged to choose the group on Monday to keep the number of students in both groups evenly distributed.

Sheet 1: (on Nov 4 and Nov 7, 2011)
Sheet 2: (on Nov 18 and Nov 21, 2011)
Sheet 3: (on Dec 2 and Dec 5, 2011)
Sheet 4: (on Dec 16 and Dec 19, 2011)
Sheet 5: (on Jan 20 and Jan 23, 2012)
Sheet 6: (on Feb 3 and Feb 6, 2012)


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  • Robert W. Sebesta: Concepts of Programming Languages, 9th ed. -- Addison-Wesley, 2009
  • David A. Watt: Programming Language Design Concepts, John Wiley & Sons, 2004
  • Ben-Ari, M.: Understanding Programming Languages, Wiley, 1996
  • Sethi, Ravi: Programming Languages - Concepts and Constructs
  • Ghezzi, C. and M. Jazayeri: Programming Language Concepts