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Department of Programming Languages and Compiler Construction

Introduction to Ada Programming


Mandy Northover


Kashif Qureshi

Vijay Ravichandran

Constantin Weisser

Abdul El Dana

Dates, times and venue

  • 19.10.15 - 23.10.15, 17:30 - 19:00, HS pool lab in the Informatik building


If you are new to programming and would like to learn to program in an object-oriented language, or you would like to extend your programming knowledge with a new programming language that puts great emphasis on reliability, readability and efficiency, then you are invited to attend this supplementary 5-day lab course on Ada programming.

The lab course will be of particular interest to those (mainly Infotech) students who will attend the Concepts of Modern Programming Languages course in the first semester of their degree, and the Real-time Programming course later on in their degree, where Ada is the primary programming language used. As such, the course does not attempt to cover the entire Ada language, but rather focuses on the parts of the language most important to the abovementioned courses.

This course will teach students the essentials of programming in Ada through hands-on exercises in the HS-pool lab. Some of the topics covered in the course will be: variable declarations and usage, data types, control flow, repetition, subprograms and parameter passing, exception handling, input/output, separation of specification and implementation, and concurrency.

The course will be conducted in English and will be divided into 5 sessions, each lasting approximately 1.5 hours. The exercises completed in the sessions will not be assessed. Since this lab course is optional, students will not earn any credits for attending the course.

You can find some useful links here for downloading various compilers, and for various further tutorials on Ada.

Prerequisites: None (although knowledge of at least one object-oriented programming language, from the C family of languages: C, C++, Java or C#, would be an advantage)

Registration: None is required. However, you will need an account for the lab computers. Please request an account at the help desk in the GS-pool or HS-pool (Informatik building, ground floor). If you bring your own notebook, please install the Ada compiler and make sure you have a text editor (e.g. SciTE) installed, which supports syntax highlighting for Ada.

Tutorial Sheets

Day When Material




October 19, 17:30-19:00


October 20, 17:30-19:00


October 21, 17:30-19:00


October 22, 17:30-19:00


October 23, 17:30-19:00


The tutorials are not graded and must not be submitted. Students are encouraged to use the time to experiment with Ada and to learn as much about the language as possible.