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Abteilung Programmiersprachen und Übersetzerbau

Lehrveranstaltungen im Sommersemester 2017

  • Programmierparadigmen (3V + 1Ü)
    Prof. Erhard Plödereder (V), Timm Felden, Felix Krause, Martin Wittiger (Ü)
    (Zielgruppe: Bachelor Informatik (Fachstudium: Kernmodule), Bachelor Softwaretechnik (Fachstudium: Kernmodule), Bachelor Medieninformatik (Fachstudium: Ergänzungsmodule))


  • Compilerbau
    Die angekündigte Lehrveranstaltung muss leider wegen der Auswirkungen
    einer verzögerten Berufung abgesagt werden. Nach vorläufiger Planung
    wird sie in das Wintersemester 2017/18 verschoben.


  • Real-Time Programming
    Regrettably this course has been cancelled due to side effects of a
    delay in appointing a professor. According to preliminary plans, it is
    postponed to the winter term 2017/18.
    Nevertheless, due to many requests by students in need of a repeat exam,a written exam for the course will be given during the summer term. As a repeater, you have to register for this exam and take part (short of a medical excuse) or else the administration will record a failing grade.

    According to preliminary information, the exam is likely to be in early
    September. (Do not rely on this date information; check with official sources.)