Checklist for Contents and Notations of Project Plans

This document helps project managers to plan a software development project. It contains questions concerning the contents of a project plan and the notations used.

  1. Does the plan contain the definition of the project, including a statement of its objectives and with reference to related projects?

  2. Have you described the scope of development?

  3. Have you developed a time scheduling for your project identifying the tasks to be performed, also including resource constraints?

  4. Have you divided the project into phases according to a convenient phase model?

  5. Does the definition of development phases include definitions of required inputs and outputs and how the outputs will be verified?

  6. Have you defined milestones?

  7. Have you determined the results that have to exist for each milestone?

  8. Is it possible to finish each task in the given time?

  9. Do you in advance worry about any problems with the given deadlines?

  10. Have you planned for buffers in case deadlines are not met?

  11. Have you planned procedures for action in case deadlines are not met?

  12. Have you planned for progress reviews to ensure that outstanding resource issues are resolved and to ensure effective execution of the development plan?

  13. Have you defined the date of acceptance testing?

  14. Have you established budgets for the project?

  15. Have you respected internal meetings?

  16. Have you established staffing estimates?

  17. Have you planned the staff according to their abilities?

  18. Have you developed estimates of the computing resources required to operate and maintain the system?

  19. Has the customer agreed to the time schedule and the resources planned?

  20. Do you in advance worry about any personnel bottleneck?

  21. Does the plan include a description of development methods and tools to be used during the project?

  22. Does the plan include rules, practices, and conventions for development?

  23. Have you determined the programming language?

  24. Have you determined the documents to be prepared?

  25. Have you defined the organizational structure of the project, including the team structure and use of sub-contractors?

  26. Have you stated the persons responsible for:

  27. Have you described the interfaces between

  28. Have you used the introduced notation (e.g. network plans)?

  29. Is the notation suitable to mark critical deadlines?

  30. Does the notation give the possibility to show schedule overruns?

  31. Does the plan include related plans, e.g.


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