Checklist for Quality Planning

This checklist is based on ISO 9000-3 and IEEE standard 983-1986. The questions refer to general aspects of quality planning and to the contents of quality plans.

General Aspects

  1. Has a quality plan based on the quality management system been prepared as part of the project plan?

  2. Is the quality plan updated along with the progress of the software development?

  3. Is the quality plan formally reviewed and agreed by all organizations concerned in its implementation?

Quality Plan Content

According to ISO 9000-3 and IEEE Standard 983-1986 the quality plan should specify or reference the following items:

  1. Description of the project and plan management (organization, tasks and responsibilities)

  2. Specific responsibilities for quality activities such as
  3. Identification of documents to be used for development, verification, use, and maintenance of the products covered by the quality plan and how they are to be evaluated

  4. Defined input and output criteria for each development phase

  5. Plan for verification of all development phase outputs to establish that phase outputs meet the corresponding requirements, i.e. plan for control measures such as

  6. Identification of standards, practices, and conventions to be applied

  7. Quality objectives, expressed in measurable terms whenever possible

  8. Identification of types of test, verification, and validation activities to be carried out

  9. Detailed planning of test, verification and validation activities to be carried out, including schedules, resources and approval authorities

  10. Document methods for identification of software product items, change control, and change reporting

  11. Dicussion of problem reporting and corrective action

  12. Description of the tools, techniques, and methodologies to be used

  13. Definition of code control methods and facilities

  14. Definition of media control methods and facilities (e.g. unauthorized access)


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