Checklist for Code Reviews

The following checklist contains general questions to keep in mind when reviewing code. It assumes that a design walkthrough has been conducted and that algorithm correctness has been established as part of the design review.

  1. Has the design properly been translated into code? (The results of the procedural design should be available during this review.)

  2. Are there misspellings and typos?

  3. Has proper use of language conventions been made?

  4. Is there compliance with coding standards for language style, comments, module prologue?

  5. Are there incorrect or ambiguous comments?

  6. Are comments useful or are they simply alibis for poor coding?

  7. Are data types and data declarations proper?

  8. Are physical constants correct?

  9. Are there redundant operations for which there is no compensating benefit?

  10. Has maintainability been considered?

  11. Completeness
  12. Efficiency